MPA Trains Officers to Murder Unarmed Dads

A letter to the Mesa Arizona Police Association that defended a out of control cop, named Philip Brailsford, that murdered an unarmed dad and got away with it even though he was backed up by 6 other cops, and they were all outfitted with assault rifles and other tactical gear like kevlar vests, oh and had non-lethal weapons at their disposal too. Guess MPA really means, Mega Pussy Association. Perhaps it should be changed to MGA (Mesa Gestapo Association or MCA (Mesa Coward Association). Still, as always I think most cops are good people trying to serve their communities, but this can’t be tolerated. Yet it was.

“Dear MPA,

Here is a song from the 3rd Reich to use the next time you need to get pumped up so you can have an out of control officer, with an assault rifle, shoot an obviously unarmed dad 5 times in a hotel hallway instead of just taking him into custody. Your organization is a disgrace to good police officers everywhere and you put their lives in jeopardy when you protect murdering thugs like Philip Brailsford, and his equally out of control commanding officer Charles Langley, who both said they would have done it again if given another chance.

Really, a guy with body armor, an AR-15, and 6 other cops outfitted in a similar manner to back him up, couldn’t just have handcuffed an UNARMED suspect?! He wanted to kill David Shaver and you know it. Good thing you kept the fact that he engraved “you’re fu****” into the side of the assault rifle, he should have never had, out of the court room. Stuff like that shows intent for 1st Degree murder, shhhh. Hell, he shot the guy 5 times for Christ’s sake. Here’s the video of the murder again.

Looks to me like old Phil enjoyed himself, but probably only half as much as old Charles did. You know, just like any control freak bully would. Now please, old rich neo-cons, turn up the Fox News, then post lots of stuff in support of cops murdering people, because you think they’ll never come for you.”

Here’s a link to 3 petitions to bring these murdering thug to justice.



My God, Daniel Shaver was just at work. Anyway, if any of you know any poor, working class people in Arizona make sure you tell them to watch the fuck out for the cops!