How Can Anyone Be Voting for Roy Moore?

‘If you don’t want your tax dollars to help the poor, then stop saying that you want a country based on Christian values.’ — Jimmy Carter

I waited a few days to see how the Roy Moore thing played out, but I both NOT surprised and disgusted with the deep south. Roy Moore and Doug Jones are pretty much neck in neck right now. I think this really proves how full of shit most extreme Christians are. They say they want Republicans because they are the moral party that protects life from conception and in general care about other people but their actions prove otherwise. Extreme Christians in the south obviously care about tax cuts a lot more than decency. If that weren’t true they would have demanded a different candidate than Roy Moore from their increasingly Christian Extremist Republican Party. Plus, what is their problem with Doug Jones? Is it really so bad to vote for a candidate that wants to do things like help the poor regardless of their religious beliefs, race, etc. Sounds like that’s exactly what Jesus said, ya know, unless you’re a hypocritical racist Christian Extremist that only cares about money (aka apparently most Republicans in Alabama). If that’s the case you’ll vote for a child rapist before, God forbid, voting for someone who actually gives a bit of a shit about other people like Doug Jones. Can we please let the south become its own country already so we can stop trading with them and not recognize them as a country? How awesome would it be to invade them when they started acting like this? Between Charlottesville and this, is there really any hope? We’ll make Northern, VA part of DC, move Disney World up there, and cut off the rest. You know, maybe that’s where we should put Trump’s wall. Between the backward, racist, Christian Extremist south and the rest of the country. Between the amount of unsecured guns, stupidity and inbreeding they’ll probably get rid of each other in just a few short generations.  Just food for thought. I try not to stereotype the entire south, but man they make it hard not to sometimes. They certainly do seem to immature to be allowed to participate in the government of a “free” nation.