Flint Michigan Water Crisis Still Not Fixed

Isn’t Neo Classical-capitalism great? (said sarcastically) After your government, in association with corporations, totally fucks your town up they can always say that it just simply costs to much to fix the problems they created.

On Tuesday the Flint Water Crisis will reach its third year. The mayor of Flint says it might cost as much as $1.5 Billion to fix, others say as “little” as $216 Million. So is their plan to not fix it and have the people drink poisoned water forever? I mean they’re poor people after all, and need to die of horrible, preventable conditions right? They wouldn’t be poor if they followed the Neo-Classical Capitalist plan like they were told to right?

Before switching to their old infrastructure the people of Flint used to get clean water from Detroit, which they can switch back to, btw. Anyway, so what, in relation to cost? This is the richest country in the world and no one should have to drink poisoned water here. Investments in infrastructure are almost always no-brainer investments and cost virtually nothing in the long run. Don’t we have pride in anything that we do? Clean water is the most important resource that there is. Oh, and of course none of the people that caused the problem are in jail. In fact, the police are beating people up, at church town halls, on their behalf.

To put things into perspective.

The MOAB that Trump’s cronies dropped in Syria cost $16 billion Dollars. So about 10 times as much as the highest estimate to fix Flint’s water problem would be. This estimate comes from their shitty mayor, so it’s probably high.

A Single F-22 Raptor Costs $137 Million Dollars. So 2 of those would equal a permanent fix for Flint’s water problem.

The tanks that your local police departments are buying to try and supress you when you speak out against bullshit like this cost about $500,000 each. So enough to provide safe water for a few months to Flint residents while a solution is being worked on.

The list goes on, but the point is that while your government is telling you they can’t afford to take care of you, improve your quality of life, etc. they certainly are buying the weapons they need to control you. Oh, and they’re incompetence is leading to poisoning you too, on behalf of big corporations in most cases.