Lessons from the Past for Today

Kane (smugly): I’ve talked with the responsible leaders of the Great Powers – England, France, Germany, and Italy – they’re too intelligent to embark on a project which would mean the end of civilization as we now know it. You can take my word for it. There’ll be no war.  — Citizen Kane

There are many lessons to learn from the past that apply today. I’ve chosen this movie quote, as it highlights much of the thinking at the time about Germany and the possibility of World War 2. In fact, until General George S. Patton made residents near the Buchenwald Concentration Camp tour it, many denied that the Nazi’s could be as cruel as was rumored. Some still do today.


So what does this have to do with our current situation. Well, many of us are also in denial about our current situation. While it’s true that I’ve predicted that Trump will be largely ineffective, the threat of fascism will not leave when Trump is impeached. In fact, it may get even worse under Pence or any of the alt-right leaders that are now in power. Trump has already done a lot of damage, and we already have a lot to do to reverse it. Just the effective loss of Net Neutrality means that your news is already being censored, so your ability to fight in an effective peaceful manner has been severely limited.

What gives me the most concern is the denial I hear from other Americans today. Some say, “it many not play out like we think.” Or, “it may not be as bad as we think it will be.” They say this while Corporate Democrats help Republicans screw the American people out of affordable healthcare, good educations, try to create bans against entire races of people, brutal deportations have started and even your access to information is limited. Thanks to our totally pro-corporate capitalist system, you are paying top dollar for all of this treatment. Hell, we have almost 9% sales tax and high property tax here, but I can’t even get my road plowed when it snows. I’m basically told to go fuck myself by my local government. The solution is obvious, luxury taxes. We can’t keep raising the sales and property taxes on the poor and middle class. It’s killing them. Yet the government is filled with wealthy people, so they will never tax themselves. So they make overtaxing the poor sound fair. Taking away your opportunities as giving you choice. The list goes on and the wealthy have to be taxed and regulated before they destroy everything. It’s not unfair. You can’t become wealthy without the help of others. So we’re just asking them to take care of the communities that take care of them. Hell, right now the government will even send the public servants that you pay for, like the cops, along to help the bank seize your home and kick you and your family out on the street if you miss a mortgage payment. In fact, the government will even kill you under quite a long list of circumstances.

Do we setup governments to kill us? I ask this only because they do seem to be doing a lot of jailing and killing of citizens lately. That doesn’t sound to me like something a government should be doing. Just like they shouldn’t be in your bedroom, telling you what other adult(s) you can marry, or telling you what totally safe substances you can put into your body, like Marijuana. The government, and your corporate masters, have overstepped their bounds and have removed the natural separations that should exist between all entities to protect your freedoms. For example, Marijuana is legal in Washington State, but many employees are drug tested and can be fired if their employer tests for weed. Effectively, this allows their employer to control whether they can partake in the use of a new substance that has been made legal by their state government. That is one example of how employers are in control of your freedoms.

So what does this mean? It means that we need to not make the mistake that the French and most of the rest of the world made during the pre-WWII period. We need our governments to stop being our moral police and trying to push our morals onto the rest of the world. We need to not underestimate the need to prepare for a fascist government and what it is capable of. We need not to be petty to our neighbors, which will only allow fascist power and support to grow. Remember one of the root causes of WWII was that the French and English, understandably still pissed off about WWI, taxed the Germans into poverty. “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” — Gandhi. This laid the groundwork for the Nazi’s to come into power. Without this childish behavior, this may have never happened. Poverty creates desperate, pissed off, people that are capable of anything.

If we’re going to hold entire countries accountable, which I think is crazy, but if we’re going to ban muslims then we need to at least include the countries that have harbored terrorists that have attacked the US in the past. Like Saudi Arabia. We need to stop giving Saudi Arabia a pass because of the corporate interests that Bush, Trump and many others have there. They have ATMs that dispense gold for fucks sake, because that’s how wealthy they are because of the amount of oil we buy from them. If that doesn’t make you want to drive a more fuel efficient car, get an electric car, shop locally, etc. I don’t know what will. We also need to stop arming the Saudi’s. Something we’ve been doing since the Obama administration.

Did you know that we built a totally safe, almost zero waste nuclear reactor in the 60’s in Oak Ridge, Tennessee based on Thorium instead of Uranium? The government decided to use the much more dangerous Uranium solution so they could make ICBMs (aka nuclear missiles). So we could have been energy independent as far back as about 1960, assuming that we built these reactors, and moved ahead with renewable research as well. This would have made electric cars desirable by the 1970s and we could have avoided almost all of our problems in the middle east. You know why we didn’t do it, aside from building ICBMs? So rich people could make money off of poisoning us and the planet. That’s it, there is no reasonable explanation for the use of other energy sources on a large scale. We can build them now by the way, but are choosing to go backward to natural gas and even coal. Other countries, like China and England, are going ahead with LFTR reactors builds. http://fortune.com/2015/02/02/doe-china-molten-salt-nuclear-reactor/

Oh yeah, we’re paying them to do it.

We need to stop supporting Israel in its onslaught against the Palestinian people and stop pretending that there are two equal armies fighting it out over the West Bank. The Israelis are way better equipped than the Palestinians, thanks largely to us, and when they feel like slaughtering their neighbors, there is little their neighbors can do to protect themselves. Why are we supporting Israel at this point when they:

  1. Are a strong independent nation that doesn’t need our help.
  2. Are acting like children in regard to reaching an agreement with their neighbors.
  3. Are aggressively settling the West Bank, regardless of the consequences.
  4. Have suggested a 2 state solution where Palestine will end up as a police state under Israeli rule.
  5. We have US cities in desperate need of help here. How long will Flint, Michigan and East Chicago, Indiana have to wait for clean water? Is New Orleans really ready for the next Katrina?

Anyway, supporting Israel is immoral and just pisses off everyone else in the middle east.

We are building up huge stockpiles of weapons, we have been for a long time now, and we haven’t been at peace since WWII. Meanwhile, we’re allowing our country to fall apart. Think about this, a single F-35 fighter jet is $135 million dollars. For the cost of just one of these planes we can wire up the entire state of California with publicly owned fiber optics cabling which will last for at least 60 years and give them untold benefits, yet why we tell them we don’t have enough money to do something like that, or even give their kids decent school lunches, we have enough to buy 115 F-35s?! Here’s the truth, the government doesn’t give a shit about you. The citizens they care about aren’t even real people, they’re corporations.

So great, we have awesome first strike capability, but what do we think will happen if we don’t have reliable infrastructure to fall back on if we’re cut off from trade with the rest of the world. Like say, if our economy collapses, which it looks like it’s going to again soon. Or if others like Mexico stop trading with us because we have bat-shit crazy policies like trying to get them to pay to build a wall between our two countries. These countries make many of the products we rely on daily, because we have stopped making just about everything here.

Make no mistake, we may be doing most of our fascism in the dark now, but we are spying on our own citizen with new tools and more fervor than even the Nazi’s did on their own. Even president Obama misused the law to punish people who leaked information, do you think this administration is going to be more benevolent.

Meanwhile, we are so hopelessly tied to our system of Neo-Classical Capitalism that you can’t even do anything in your community without setting up some kind of corporation and often being told by your government what companies you can and can’t talk about in meetings. Something I’ve experienced first hand.

In short, we have a fascist government in place. This government will act like Corporate Nazi’s if the environment is right and they can get away with it because they’ve forced us all to beg corporations and banks for the right to do even benevolent work in our communities. This allows them to filter out “undesirables” using money before they can ever become a “threat.”  Time to rise above living just to make a dollar and turn our country into a Democracy instead of the current Corporate State, or we’re all pretty much screwed. Time to vote for progressives, and not fake progressives like Waste of Sperm Cory Booker, but real progressives like Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

In the end we need a government that serves the people first, not corporations, and is filled with people of the highest character. This government needs to be accountable to the people and by that I don’t mean corporations. Corporations are Not People.