The Corrupt Police at Standing Rock

In general, I have great respect for the police and am very reluctant to call them names of any kind, especially pigs. I think their job is much harder than they’re given credit for, but the behavior of the police at Standing Rock is unacceptable and I think that deep down they know it.

I was saddened to see police still participating in arrests, and even a stand-off on behalf of Energy Transfer Partners. They are literally putting the lives of their citizens, and many others in the entire country in jeopardy. There are too many activities that the police should not be involved in to list here, but I’ll list 5.

  1. They should never put the rights of a fake person like a corporation ahead of a real person.
  2. They should not take action that endangers the long term survival of their own community.
  3.  They should never participate in an action that removes a basic necessity from an individual or family. (aka like evicting families on behalf of a bank or allowing a company to poison their citizen’s water if they can prevent it.)
  4. They should almost never use deadly force and should not carry specialized ammo. They are supposed to be citizens enforcing the law, not commandos.
  5. They should be willing not to police their communities if they’re being asked to do something that is morally objectionable by those in power.

Many will say that the police simply follow the laws that the community sets, but there are times when what they are being asked to do by those in power is in conflict with what their mission is as police officers. Like in the Standing Rock case, which is why so many of the good police officers have already refused to participate on behalf of ETP. It’s time for them all to follow suit and even file a lawsuit against ETP for their lost wages.

This is simply not the kind of work that we construct governments to do. If corporations want to do this work, then they can try to do it themselves, but they should be leaving publicly funded services out of it. Energy Transfer Partners (the parent company of DAPL) has a horrible safety record. Here is an article about 69 accidents just in the last two years. Why? Because petroleum is really dangerous and they’re greedy and incompetent on top of it! They could take measures to be competent and responsible, but that would affect their bottom line, so they won’t. So if you are supporting them at this point, you are a brown shirt, fascist pig. That’s all there is to it.

So why does anyone protect these kind of companies, especially at a time when we have the technology to replace petroleum in large part. Well, because of  Red Scare nonsense that was drilled into older generations (and sadly some of the young). For example, at a City of Bellingham Public Fiber meeting, Ted Carlson (PUD director of the COB), threatened to end the meeting if anyone talked about seizing the power company (aka PSE or Puget Sound Energy). This was especially odd since the meeting wasn’t directly about PSE, and they were only mentioned as an example of bad infrastructure. Later, Brian Heinrich, the Deputy Administrator, tried to tell advocates what they could and could not talk to their elected officials about in relation to the meetings.  (A violation of 1st Amendment rights). Sadly, people that deal with governments around the country tell me that this is routine behavior. At the national level senators tell Environmental investigation panels that the Koch brothers won’t be showing up even though they have been summoned by the people. So, how does this relate to DAPL.

Here’s how.  Again, those who have been dealing with the government for a long time will tell you that this is all actually pretty standard stuff. The government has been bought at every level for a long time now. The people in government, in general, look at the corporations as the job providers, and therefore the gods that give us everything else that we have in our lives. Therefore, they look to them first for solutions to all of our problems, even when it’s clear that they are doing a bad job, pushing outdated tech, overcharging the community, and sociopathic in general. The simply are programmed not to believe corporations can be bad, even when there is overwhelming evidence. They confuse the fact that they know a few good people in the company with the idea that the company is good. They do not understand, or care to understand, that the company does not grant anything to anyone. It only has employees because it needs them to operate. The minute is does not it will fire them, regardless of the impact on the community, and replace them with automation. You are a number to a company and that includes man Not-For-Profits as well (there are a few exceptions).

In general, you can’t get anything done without a corporate structure and access to a bank or donors. Think about that. No matter how brilliant you are, how dedicated you are, how much you care about your community, how talented you are… this list goes on, if you piss off wealthy people you won’t get anything done. You could literally have a free cure to Cancer and AIDS on your laptop, but if you don’t go through the right channels, you’ll be smeared, or worse. Effectively, except for Open Source, there is no material that enters the mainstream for public consumption, or for the public good, unless some Douche Bag that will literally poison your children to make an extra buck gets to review your ideas and stamp them first. See the many problems with natural gas poisoning water sources around the country. See the documentary GasLand if you want the short version.

This is why companies need to be regulated. However, the Red Scare mentality means that if you even mention something like regulation you are labeled a Marxist, Socialist, or Commie. There is also some investing that is probably going on in the background by those in positions to allow one company to dominate a market. Still, since corporations are treated like people and the people investing in them are treated the same way, finding that out for sure is very hard.

In the end we need government officials, including police, that are on the side of the people and communities they protect. They need to understand that being on the side of a Corporation is not, and never will be, protecting a community. It is not what they are hired to do. In the videos I’ve seen, there are very few police left at Standing Rock. All they need to do is stop showing up for work. The future of the planet, our nation, and our nation’s people is at stake. If Energy Transfer Partners wants to try and police people, they can pay private security companies themselves, and stop putting the police at odds with the citizens they’re supposed to be protecting.

Trust is very low for the government and the police right now. Trust is the most important thing that the police build in a community. Trust comes from fairness and integrity. Neither of these qualities are being presented by the police at Standing Rock.

One final note on government workers:

The government workers themselves, especially those on the level with Ted Carlson and Brian Heinrich, also have way better jobs than most anyone that is 40 or younger right now can ever expect to have, but constantly say that we just don’t understand how hard their jobs are. That simply isn’t true. I have worked in both the corporate world, with non-profits and with the government. Sure, they work hard sometimes, but there are way fewer consequences for them if/when they do a bad job than most people that work for corporations or run their own businesses. So maybe they should consider doing a decent job for a change and specialize in something more useful than making up excuses and raising taxes. We need to hold them to account.

Lessons from the Past for Today

Kane (smugly): I’ve talked with the responsible leaders of the Great Powers – England, France, Germany, and Italy – they’re too intelligent to embark on a project which would mean the end of civilization as we now know it. You can take my word for it. There’ll be no war.  — Citizen Kane

There are many lessons to learn from the past that apply today. I’ve chosen this movie quote, as it highlights much of the thinking at the time about Germany and the possibility of World War 2. In fact, until General George S. Patton made residents near the Buchenwald Concentration Camp tour it, many denied that the Nazi’s could be as cruel as was rumored. Some still do today.

So what does this have to do with our current situation. Well, many of us are also in denial about our current situation. While it’s true that I’ve predicted that Trump will be largely ineffective, the threat of fascism will not leave when Trump is impeached. In fact, it may get even worse under Pence or any of the alt-right leaders that are now in power. Trump has already done a lot of damage, and we already have a lot to do to reverse it. Just the effective loss of Net Neutrality means that your news is already being censored, so your ability to fight in an effective peaceful manner has been severely limited.

What gives me the most concern is the denial I hear from other Americans today. Some say, “it many not play out like we think.” Or, “it may not be as bad as we think it will be.” They say this while Corporate Democrats help Republicans screw the American people out of affordable healthcare, good educations, try to create bans against entire races of people, brutal deportations have started and even your access to information is limited. Thanks to our totally pro-corporate capitalist system, you are paying top dollar for all of this treatment. Hell, we have almost 9% sales tax and high property tax here, but I can’t even get my road plowed when it snows. I’m basically told to go fuck myself by my local government. The solution is obvious, luxury taxes. We can’t keep raising the sales and property taxes on the poor and middle class. It’s killing them. Yet the government is filled with wealthy people, so they will never tax themselves. So they make overtaxing the poor sound fair. Taking away your opportunities as giving you choice. The list goes on and the wealthy have to be taxed and regulated before they destroy everything. It’s not unfair. You can’t become wealthy without the help of others. So we’re just asking them to take care of the communities that take care of them. Hell, right now the government will even send the public servants that you pay for, like the cops, along to help the bank seize your home and kick you and your family out on the street if you miss a mortgage payment. In fact, the government will even kill you under quite a long list of circumstances.

Do we setup governments to kill us? I ask this only because they do seem to be doing a lot of jailing and killing of citizens lately. That doesn’t sound to me like something a government should be doing. Just like they shouldn’t be in your bedroom, telling you what other adult(s) you can marry, or telling you what totally safe substances you can put into your body, like Marijuana. The government, and your corporate masters, have overstepped their bounds and have removed the natural separations that should exist between all entities to protect your freedoms. For example, Marijuana is legal in Washington State, but many employees are drug tested and can be fired if their employer tests for weed. Effectively, this allows their employer to control whether they can partake in the use of a new substance that has been made legal by their state government. That is one example of how employers are in control of your freedoms.

So what does this mean? It means that we need to not make the mistake that the French and most of the rest of the world made during the pre-WWII period. We need our governments to stop being our moral police and trying to push our morals onto the rest of the world. We need to not underestimate the need to prepare for a fascist government and what it is capable of. We need not to be petty to our neighbors, which will only allow fascist power and support to grow. Remember one of the root causes of WWII was that the French and English, understandably still pissed off about WWI, taxed the Germans into poverty. “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” — Gandhi. This laid the groundwork for the Nazi’s to come into power. Without this childish behavior, this may have never happened. Poverty creates desperate, pissed off, people that are capable of anything.

If we’re going to hold entire countries accountable, which I think is crazy, but if we’re going to ban muslims then we need to at least include the countries that have harbored terrorists that have attacked the US in the past. Like Saudi Arabia. We need to stop giving Saudi Arabia a pass because of the corporate interests that Bush, Trump and many others have there. They have ATMs that dispense gold for fucks sake, because that’s how wealthy they are because of the amount of oil we buy from them. If that doesn’t make you want to drive a more fuel efficient car, get an electric car, shop locally, etc. I don’t know what will. We also need to stop arming the Saudi’s. Something we’ve been doing since the Obama administration.

Did you know that we built a totally safe, almost zero waste nuclear reactor in the 60’s in Oak Ridge, Tennessee based on Thorium instead of Uranium? The government decided to use the much more dangerous Uranium solution so they could make ICBMs (aka nuclear missiles). So we could have been energy independent as far back as about 1960, assuming that we built these reactors, and moved ahead with renewable research as well. This would have made electric cars desirable by the 1970s and we could have avoided almost all of our problems in the middle east. You know why we didn’t do it, aside from building ICBMs? So rich people could make money off of poisoning us and the planet. That’s it, there is no reasonable explanation for the use of other energy sources on a large scale. We can build them now by the way, but are choosing to go backward to natural gas and even coal. Other countries, like China and England, are going ahead with LFTR reactors builds.

Oh yeah, we’re paying them to do it.

We need to stop supporting Israel in its onslaught against the Palestinian people and stop pretending that there are two equal armies fighting it out over the West Bank. The Israelis are way better equipped than the Palestinians, thanks largely to us, and when they feel like slaughtering their neighbors, there is little their neighbors can do to protect themselves. Why are we supporting Israel at this point when they:

  1. Are a strong independent nation that doesn’t need our help.
  2. Are acting like children in regard to reaching an agreement with their neighbors.
  3. Are aggressively settling the West Bank, regardless of the consequences.
  4. Have suggested a 2 state solution where Palestine will end up as a police state under Israeli rule.
  5. We have US cities in desperate need of help here. How long will Flint, Michigan and East Chicago, Indiana have to wait for clean water? Is New Orleans really ready for the next Katrina?

Anyway, supporting Israel is immoral and just pisses off everyone else in the middle east.

We are building up huge stockpiles of weapons, we have been for a long time now, and we haven’t been at peace since WWII. Meanwhile, we’re allowing our country to fall apart. Think about this, a single F-35 fighter jet is $135 million dollars. For the cost of just one of these planes we can wire up the entire state of California with publicly owned fiber optics cabling which will last for at least 60 years and give them untold benefits, yet why we tell them we don’t have enough money to do something like that, or even give their kids decent school lunches, we have enough to buy 115 F-35s?! Here’s the truth, the government doesn’t give a shit about you. The citizens they care about aren’t even real people, they’re corporations.

So great, we have awesome first strike capability, but what do we think will happen if we don’t have reliable infrastructure to fall back on if we’re cut off from trade with the rest of the world. Like say, if our economy collapses, which it looks like it’s going to again soon. Or if others like Mexico stop trading with us because we have bat-shit crazy policies like trying to get them to pay to build a wall between our two countries. These countries make many of the products we rely on daily, because we have stopped making just about everything here.

Make no mistake, we may be doing most of our fascism in the dark now, but we are spying on our own citizen with new tools and more fervor than even the Nazi’s did on their own. Even president Obama misused the law to punish people who leaked information, do you think this administration is going to be more benevolent.

Meanwhile, we are so hopelessly tied to our system of Neo-Classical Capitalism that you can’t even do anything in your community without setting up some kind of corporation and often being told by your government what companies you can and can’t talk about in meetings. Something I’ve experienced first hand.

In short, we have a fascist government in place. This government will act like Corporate Nazi’s if the environment is right and they can get away with it because they’ve forced us all to beg corporations and banks for the right to do even benevolent work in our communities. This allows them to filter out “undesirables” using money before they can ever become a “threat.”  Time to rise above living just to make a dollar and turn our country into a Democracy instead of the current Corporate State, or we’re all pretty much screwed. Time to vote for progressives, and not fake progressives like Waste of Sperm Cory Booker, but real progressives like Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

In the end we need a government that serves the people first, not corporations, and is filled with people of the highest character. This government needs to be accountable to the people and by that I don’t mean corporations. Corporations are Not People.

Ken Mann Accuses Whatcom County Residents of Expecting Cadillac Service in Relation to Safety and Recent Snow Storms

So, I’m going to focus on something very local here and then talk about how this is going on all over the country.

Whatcom County, WA is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. It doesn’t snow much in Bellingham itself, but it does always snow a bit every winter. This winter it snowed a lot. In the past the County owned several snow plows, but then ran themselves out of money through, among other things, mismanagement of tax revenue. The taxes have gone up on properties just about every year, because we play this game in America with people’s necessities, and allow their values to increase or decrease rapidly. Hence the County will argue that the taxes have not increased for 20 years, but we’ve all been paying more in taxes because of our insane real-estate system. It’s a really slick way for them to make you pay more in taxes without technically doing it themselves, but the result to the average worker is the same. You pay more in taxes for the place you need to live in to have any quality of life.

One of the County’s solutions to mismanaging their money was to sell the snow plows. Allow me to explain why this is very, very stupid. Machines in general depreciate in value very rapidly. They lose about 1/4 or their value when you “drive them off the lot”, and the depreciation only gets worse from there. Hence, they were worth way more to us running then we could have sold them for proportionately. Kenn Mann claims that there were only 5 days the roads were unserviceable, but the territory that the plow men/women have is from Point Roberts to about Lakeview Street.  Meaning that they have to prioritize streets to the point that by the time they get to many of the streets they’ve waited so long that the snow and ice is compacted and it basically cannot be plowed. At this point putting sand down and ice melt, which they do a poor job of as well, is only minimally effective. Hence getting to the snow in a timely fashion is very important. Plus, they’re always complaining about how they need to create jobs. Well, I could have created quite a few jobs this winter. Still, they will literally not work on many of the roads for days in the hopes that they will melt out. There have been a total of 15 days that many of the roads were unuseable, costing home businesses, etc. thousands of dollars County wide. It also shows potential businesses that Whatcom County will not take their infrastructure seriously, and that they should look elsewhere to setup shop. Like in Mount Vernon where they also have a publicly owned fiber optic network.

The school conditions were a disgrace as well. At an Arts Competition last weekend at Meridian High School, the conditions of the grounds were disgraceful. I observed people slipping and falling on their way into the school. Luckily they were young, so I don’t think there were any permanent injuries. They can pay the high level administrators high salaries, but I guess they just can’t let a few maintenance workers clean up on the weekends when it’s necessary to keep the public, who is paying for the school and their salaries, safe. Schools have been closed for what will end up being a week and were closed earlier this winter too. It’s never inexpensive to close the schools once you exceed the allotted number of snow days.

The County has had the following commentary.

  1. They tell you that your road isn’t a priority and apologize, which at least means that they apologize. OR
  2. You get a snotty e-mail from Ken Mann telling you that expecting them to clear the roads so people can get to work, school, run their businesses, get food to the hungry, etc. is “cadillac service.” Ken told me flat out that expecting basic services for my taxes in this regard is “expecting Cadillac Service.” I kindly reminded him that he should treat others how he wants to be treated.

So, onto Rud Browne, another Council Member, that the local Democrats hate. However, Rud Wrote back to me as well and actually looked into the issue. So he actually cared. So what’s my point here? Nationwide we have representatives on both sides that are telling Americans that expecting basic services for what they pay in taxes is obscene and lying to us about how Europeans like the French and Italians are drowning in taxes. Which just isn’t true if you look at what they get for their tax money.

We are constantly shamed, even by our own politicians, for expecting to get something for our taxes. So we settle for less and less all of the time. Well, we’ve settled for enough now. Just ask the people of Flint, Michigan, or East Chicago, Indiana. Are they expecting Cadillac Service, as Ken Mann might accuse them of if he lived in their towns and represented them, by expecting their government to do something about their poisoned drinking water? Are we by expecting the government to try their best and make the roads safe so people don’t get injured or worse when it does snow? Are we by expecting them be prepared for the future? Are we by expecting our schools to turn out well educated students? Of course not, we just need to get rid of the Ken Mann’s of the world, nationwide.

As an aside, we had to hold a special election to approve a tax to buy a new fire truck here too.

Here is a local newspaper article highlighting the infrastructure issues that were part of the storm too. I’ve been trying to convince them to improve their infrastructure for quite some time now.

Also, here are some pictures from Meridian High School’s “Solo and Ensemble Competition” showing off Ken Mann’s “Cadillac Snow Service.”

People tell me that guys like Ken are progressive, because he is against the muslim ban, like Cory Booker. I am against it too. The muslim ban is stupid, and any reasonable person is against it. Still, it’s pretty obvious that guys like Ken and Cory don’t care about it one way or the other. They just pick topics that are popular and will get them funding. Right now that’s a good one to pick for them. When it comes to dealing with poor and middle class people in their community, instead of self-reflecting, apologizing, and agreeing to do a better job, they just tell us to go fuck ourselves, because we’re not potential donors and that’s all that guys like this care about. Something tells me that if Ken spent the money that he does on Haircuts in his community we’d have plowed streets and all of the homeless would be fed and in shelters. So let’s stop pretending guys like this are progressive simply because they know when to yell and for what. We need people in power that care about everyone at their core. Again, Cory Booker is the guy who voted to protect his big Pharma donors at the expense of the lives of Americans and the safety of his community, by blocking the Canadian Drug Imports which have been proven many times to be safe. I had a neighbor slide off of the road into a ditch with her kids in the car. Luckily everyone was ok. Still, people like Ken will say, they should have had chains, yes they should have, but they pay high property taxes and almost 9% sales tax. They say they shouldn’t have gone out. Well this has been going on for 5 days this week and a total of 15 days this winter. So how about this instead, how about our county does a better job with the large amount of revenue they take in and Ken Mann acts like a man and admits his mistakes.

Fremont St. and Surrounding Streets After 5 Days of Ken Mann’s Cadillac Snow Service.

For reference, here is Ken’s reply to my legit concerns.

“Thanks for your email. I suggest you look into it even further. The County has not raised your property taxes in 20 years. Even if we did, it wouldn’t be prudent to have specialized equipment and let it idle 5 years just to deliver 5 days of the Cadillac service you seem to expect. Ken”

Here are the inaccuracies in it:

  1. The County has not raised the rate of taxes because they artificially inflated housing market means that the houses are valued often above what they can be sold for. So the amount of taxes go up. I described this in further detail above.

2. The equipment does not need to be specialized. Plow kits are available for trucks and vans that are              inexpensive. These detachable systems would allow trucks purchased for general work to serve as                plow trucks in cases like this.

3. Setting aside money for sub-contractors to plow the roads would have been prudent as well.

4. Again, the depreciation on the trucks is high, so they were worth more to us running, as I described             above.

5. Expecting basic services that keep my family and my neighbors safe is not Cadillac Service. One of               our neighbors ended up in a ditch with their family. Please see above for more details.

6. It’s not just 5 days every 5 years. On many side streets the streets were not attended to or properly            treated for 15 days this winter causing unnecessary loss of property, work and injury. Also, the increment is about every 3 years.

— The truth is that they didn’t plan for it. It’s that simple. Now they’re trying to cover up for it while they take in more tax money all of the time. Get ready for your house to be over-valued and your taxes to go up again. Since Trump deregulated the banks we’re back at the 2007 levels for housing, right before the bubble burst that created the great recession. Still, there is no motivation for them to get better. They are an excuse machine and if you withhold your taxes they’ll seize your house and sell it for the tax money. That’s who these guys really are. The other truth is that Ken is talking to me this way because he believes that I’m poor, not a potential donor, and therefore not worth speaking to with respect. We know this is how he treats the poor in general when he opposed the installation of a crosswalk because he, “never noticed anyone cross there himself.” Yeah, because there wasn’t a crosswalk there. He also spearheaded a bill to allow the use of unnecessary roadside herbicides to be used. Your water taste funny recently? Again, they’re an excuse machine and they try to shame you into not holding them to account. They will say that you don’t understand how hard the COunty Workers are working, when you never said anything about the workers at all in any of your statements. They’ll tell you that not plowing your road for a total of 15 days over the winter is actually 5. They’ll tell you that it only snows enough to care every 5 years, when it’s every 3, and even then how else do they plan to move the snow. Here’s the truth, they don’t. They don’t live paycheck to paycheck and need every penny they earn like 50% of Whatcom County residents. They can’t relate, and don’t care to. They protect the interests of the very wealthy first. This is why it’s time for new leadership.

Update: One of my newer articles is specifically about other specialized equipment that the police have that is unnecessary. Whatcom County has 1 tanks and the City of Bellingham has a Light Armored Vehicle (aka a smaller tank). These vehicles start around $300,000 each and have never been used legitimately. The BearCat was used to put down a WWU riot, but it was unnecessary to use that vehicle to distribute the tear gas (they call an operation like this crowd control, it sounds nicer than tear gassing young adults, and in the stated case the college kids probably deserved it.). So just so everyone is clear, we can’t have snow plows to remove the much more common occurrence of snow, but we can have tanks, filled with weapons, for our police to use when pacifying us to the tune of at least $600,000.  It should be noted that the police did followed proper procedure during the incident.

Piece of Shit Corporate Democrats That Vote Against Your Interests

Today the following Democrats voted to allow an Oil Company Executive, Rex Tillerson, to serve as the Secretary of State. They are:

Mark Warner (VA), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV) and Angus King (I-ME)

A few weeks ago the following Democrats chose to totally fuck you over on getting affordable drugs from Canada.

Yes, the Republicans are scary, but at least they’re wolves in wolf’s clothing. We can see them coming. These Democrats are wolves in sheep’s clothing, which is what destroyed the party. Time to tell them, “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” Or even, “eat shit you scum sucking bastards.” It’s ok to be angry with them and let them know how you feel.

Hell, you don’t even have to feel bad about it. These guys fleeced the American public for so many years that they must all be very wealthy. Hence, when we vote them out, and vote progressives in, they’ll just go on vacation to some tropical island. Think about it, someone that voted to make sure their big pharma and oil company donors were happy, at the expense of your child’s life, isn’t capable of caring about what they do to the average person. So you don’t have to care about whether they have a job or not in congress. There, I’ve officially given you the right to vote them out of office, even if you’re a Democrat.

Also, a special shout out to Cory Booker, who voted against Canadian Drug Imports and talks about Educational Choice (just like Betsy DeVos). You’re a horrible human being and if you run for office on the Democratic ticket, you’ll assure the Republicans another victory. I know it’s hard to except what you are, but the evidence is clear, so we really need you to accept that you’re a scumbag, and not run.

Yet there is hope. Not only did Bernie and many others around his campaign give us a clear path to victory, but TYTNetwork’s Cenk Uygur announced the Justice Democrats just a few days ago. It’s a place you can go to and nominate someone you actually think is good for the country instead of just waiting to vote on whatever backstabbing, corporately funded, POS candidates the establishment crams down your throats to pop up on your ballot. Just go to to nominate and support people that are good instead of what the establishement gives you.

Don’t Panic, Trump Won’t Be Effective In The Long Run

So, why haven’t I been commenting on all of the horrible things that Trump has been doing over the last couple of weeks? Well, before I tell you why, let’s list them.

Note: I think CNN is a pretty shitty news company. Not that they do things that are illegal, or potentially illegal, like FOX News, but just that they kind of suck on ice at actually telling us the news and confronting the establishment. Still, this is a good list.

Anyway, if you enjoy strategy games like Chess as much as I do, you’re watching the moves Trump is making and realizing that he has already potentially violated the constitution several times. He is setting himself up for defeat. The real question is how good is his opponent and how much damage will he do before he is put in checkmate? Well, if his opponent is the corporate Democrats then they’ll probably ask for a stalemate before the game is over. Too weak to pursue victory, they’ll take what they can get. “Please Mr. Trump, yes Mr. Trump, I didn’t mean to win, I mean you obviously were distracted and really won after all,” will say wastes of sperm like Cory Booker.

If it’s a progressive, then checkmate fool! Sure, it will take people time to mobilize. It takes the non-progressive Democrats forever to do anything about anything, but when they do it will be easy to shut him down.

It reminds me of the North in the Civil War. Man, did it take them a long time to mobilize and do anything about the South. This might have had a lot to do with how many slaves rich white folks owned in the North too. Cough, Cough, oops I said that out loud. Turns out most of the very wealthy were always scum. Anyway… a quote from that time:

Let me tell you what is coming. After the sacrifice of countless millions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives, you may win Southern independence if God be not against you, but I doubt it. I tell you that, while I believe with you in the doctrine of states rights, the North is determined to preserve this Union. They are not a fiery, impulsive people as you are, for they live in colder climates. But when they begin to move in a given direction, they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche; and what I fear is, they will overwhelm the South.” — Sam Houston

So the Democrats will move. Too late, but eventually they will move and win. The question is what kind of victory do we want? Do we want a shitty, Cory Booker victory where we preserve the shitty system we had before Trump. (I am referring to this period as “the before time” by the way) or do we want to finish Bernie’s revolution. I vote for option two.

In the meantime, making Trump a lame duck is the best solution. Why you ask? Well, because if he’s impeached Mike Pence will become president and then we’re totally boned.  Right now, Trump just kind of has the tip in, with no lube mind you, but just the tip. Pence will come at us all from behind, without asking, without even buying us a drink first, and without even using lube and jam the whole alt-right Republican agenda deep inside. With Trump as an ineffective lame duck president we can effectively shutdown the Republican agenda. Get rid of the corporate democrats, and put a progressive in the white house in about 4 years. We can start filling the other seats this year.

So just like in the past, your best bet is to get out there, get involved, and VOTE!

Note: Over 90 Million Eligible Voters didn’t vote in 2016.

Update: Muslim Travel Ban Suspended Temporarily.

So, some good news recently backing up my overall point here was announced today. Trump is being called out on his unconstitutional executive orders. It’s up to us to make sure it sticks.

Still, he is already attacking the environment, with the help of not just Republicans but Corporate Democrats as well. The damage that laws like lifting the methane ban, new domestic oil drilling, fracking, and not increasing fuel standards, just to name a few, will have on people and other living things should be considered a violation of the constitution as well. Think about it, we all have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We can’t even being to have those things if we don’t have the basic necessities of life like clean water and air. More deforestation will cause more erosion that may, among other thnigs, literally crush people to death. Sounds to me like not supporting reasonable environmental  policies is also a violation of the constitution.

Update February 6th, 2017

The following polls put Donald Trump at the overall approval ratings. (The Average is usually about 53%)

CNN — 40% (As of Friday February 3rd)

Gallup — 43% (Through February 5th, 2017)

Washington Post — 40% (From January 17, 2017)

Fox News –Agrees with CNN polls in one article, but then also posts a lot of erroneous Fake News Articles, etc. They sometimes show separate job approval polls, but getting a straight answer out of them is hard.

I could keep going on, but it’s pretty obvious that President Trump needs to do something he is incapable of. Self-Reflection and Improvement. So this, really supports my overall claim if the Democrats grow the rocks and/or vulvas to hold him to account.