Trump Does Something Right, and Then a lot of Other Things Very Wrong

Hooray, Trump killed the TPP. Hey, I’m obviously not a fan of Trump’s policies in general, but this was a good thing and I’ll give him, or anyone, credit where credit is due. Still, he has to get rid of NAFTA too before I’ll give him a full pat on the back. Let’s say this is a half pat. Also note that there is a probably a 70% chance that he will find a way to make his corporate friends happy by enacting the parts of the TPP that are in their interest down the road. He’ll probably even work the name Trump into the name of the “deal” somehow. Still, for now it’s a good thing.

Proponents of the TPP, aka “New Democrats”, more accurately the corporate Democrats that destroyed the party like the scum-sucking piece of shit Cory Booker who made it so your grand-ma can’t afford the medicine she needs to stay alive from Canada, say that the TPP included many good things like rules barring child labor from being used in partner countries, but saying something and enforcing it are two different things.

  1. You’re dealing with countries that don’t bat an eye at using child labor. Do you think they’re really going to listen? Look at our food industry. Meat processors pay fines all of the time instead of running safe processing plants. They’ll just keep using child labor and pay the fines if they get caught.
  2. Great the TPP gets rid of discrimination, on paper anyway. So you can’t discriminate against a worker for stupid reasons. That’s good, but then you’re going to pay them 30 cents an hour for hard labor to make stupid shit for Americans to buy. So it doesn’t sound to me like you’re really doing them a favor.

However, at the same time Trump did this he did a lot of very scary things too.

  1. He reopened the Keystone and DAPL pipelines.
  2. He attacked women’s rights with very backward anti-abortion laws.
  3. He is not going to stand in the way of logging in the Northwest that will probably result in the extinction of the Spotted Owl.
  4. He is already meeting, almost exclusively, with the heads of giant, abusive corporations and taking their advice on how to set policy.
  5. He will probably not require internet providers to maintain Net Neutrality. So I hope you like MSNBC, and the Comcast owned companies, because get read for them to be prioritized in the background, but don’t worry, if you’re poor you probably won’t be able to really even use the internet during peak hours while the bandwidth you pay for is stolen and given to rich customers to maintain their HD movie watching capability. It’s way cheaper for Comcast and CenturyLink  to do this than to really improve their infrastructure and they’ve done it in the past.

— If you haven’t read Orwell’s 1984, then now is the time.

Trump and Natural Selection

For Reference:

Evolution: The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

Natural Selection:

The process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The theory of its action was first fully expounded by Charles Darwin and is now believed to be the main process that brings about evolution.

Artificial Selection:

The breeding of plants and animals to produce desirable traits. Organisms with the desired traits, such as size or taste, are artificially mated or cross-pollinated with organisms with similar desired traits. (Compare natural selection.)

I’ve been thinking about what an oddity having a ruler like Trump truly is historically. Even if you lob in the totalitarian dictators. You see Trump supporters, the ones that kind of believe in Evolution (which has been so well proven that it should be a law at this point, but is not…) believe that Trump, and they, are a higher breed of person that is destined to lead. So they believe in natural selection, well ok they believe in the 1930s pre-genetic understanding version of it put out by the Nazis, although getting them to admit it would be hard. God must have created them to be leaders right? Well no…

Well guess what, neither standpoint is based in reality. For starters they operate in the artificial construct of civilization and then in a subset of that construct called a Neo-Classical Capitalist Culture. Now, I want to live in a civilization. In fact, the whole reason people establish civilizations and then governments is supposed to be to improve their quality of life. Hell, almost none of us would live past 40 if it weren’t for civilization, but let’s get back to Trump.

So in a tribal society a ruler like Trump would have actually have had to be competent, benevolent, or very powerful. In fact, he would have had to be a little of all of those things, at least to the right people. Personally I like using King Kamehameha I,, as an example. If the ruler was deficient in any of these areas they were vulnerable and needed to surround themselves with competent advisors, loyal protectors, and a large military to keep their power. They also had to control the distribution of resources, where possible. If not, well you’d have a new ruler pretty soon.

In the book “The Mote in God’s Eye” an argument is made early in the book in relation to how civilization removes the natural pressures that make the species better. I for one have to wear glasses and have allergies, so I’m pretty happy to be part of a civilization. Although most of my allergies have to do with pollution. Anyway, it’s true that people are adapting to live a different way. This means that our leaders and government need to adapt as well. Yet we’ve ended up with a man the least suited to rule any kind of society, whether it be an old tribal society or a modern civilization.

Let’s list off some examples why Trump is a bad fit from this standpoint:

  1. He is too old to have survived in a natural environment.
  2. His age has not brought him the wisdom to carefully weigh all of his options in situations. (So he has negated one of the most important advantages of living in a civilized society.)
  3. He is not benevolent and backs legislation that literally is going to kill his fellow citizens, who will eventually may get pissed off enough to do something about it. Threatening his power base.(See the recent overturning of much of the Affordable Health Care Act.)
  4. He is not smart enough to surround himself with competent, loyal advisors. Hell, the best advisor he has is arguably his super-model daughter. I’ll bet a super-model has to deal with a lot of foreign policy issues. They only get worse from there and they all think in the cut-throat way that he does.
  5. He does not use the technology available to him to create progress. In fact, he denies that science can tell him anything on many issues, including climate change, and loves 18th and 19th century energy solutions like coal and natural gas. (One of the big advantages to an educated populous is creating advancements that improve the quality of life for all and lower expenses.)
  6. He unnecessiliary soils the environment that he lives in, even though he has other options. He does this even though he has offspring to look after as well. I am hard pressed to think of another animal that does something that is so against their own interests.

I could go on, and will in the near future.

So how does this relate to natural and artificial selection. Well at some point we created a civilization with a set of rights, laws and services to help improve the quality of life for everyone. This was a good idea in general for most of the people. Hence a civilization should benefit most of the people because that’s why it exists. It’s an adaptation we made so we could be more prosperous, have higher quality of life, and live longer. Yet it is an artificial construct, so it needs to be managed because there is no natural system to correct it. The only correction will be that a civilization will use up its resources, collapse, and then we’ll be subjected to the harsh reality of natural selection again. That is not something we should be aiming for if we can avoid it. However, it’s true that some people will naturally do better in that artificial construct than others. Some will reject it and not prosper in it.

So this artificial system does not have natural processes to control it. So slowly, because most of us were comfortable for a time, we allowed those in power to become corrupt and degrade into a system of Neo-Classical Capitalism run by Corporation whose only goal is to make money any way they can. Believing that if we helped the “right-people” we could have a better quality of life than the others around us. In the short term this may be true for a few, but in the long term it never works.

Hence the current leaders are sociopathic, because they’ve been artificially selected to lead such a society where the few have the most power and influence. The sociopaths then started to select candidates, through many different means, that met their goals. Then, finally, they selected the ultimate sociopathic candidate that represented them the best.

So essentially our now broken artificial system selected the best candidate for itself, and the worst for the masses. All through artificial means. So the next time someone tries to tell you that Trump is a great leader keep in mind that he is more like a purebred dog. I don’t mean that as a compliment. I really mean inbred dog. Someone literally took the most sociopathic people, put them together, gave them money and power, and allowed them to keep gaining it until we ended up with what we have. Trump is not a champion mutt capable of surviving in the wild on his own for many years. He’s more like a dog with stumpy legs that you force breed with another dog with stumpy legs until you get something as useless, and personally incapable of taking care of itself, as the Dachshund. Yet the Dachshund will still bark and play and try to be a real dog. Just like Trump will try to be a president and play with all of his equally useless friends like they’re real leaders too.